Monday, 7 March 2016

A Week of Favourites: Images of 2011-2014

Inspired by a post of "all-time favourite pics" at BIG Female Bodybuilders, I thought I might try something similar. However, having reasoned that it would take me the best part of, well, a YEAR to actually review all of the images I've collected during the internet phase of my female muscle lovin' life, the original idea of picking some "all-time favourites" has morphed into something just a little bit different.

Today's selection of favourites comes from previous end-of-year posts on FMS every year from 2011 to 2014. And as with all the posts this week, it's a Top Ten. If you want to see the complete posts the selections are made from, the links are below.

A bit of beauty, a bit of beast...

Leg Shot of the Year runner-up in 2011, the beautiful Cindy Landolt (before the add-ons, you will note), and Margie Martin, bulging out all over the damn place in what I called probably the most swoon-worthy image we have seen all year in 2014.

From 2012, Tina Chandler enters stage right for a guest posing routine.

Back in 2011 again with Simone Oliveira and her abs - all muscles and tan, all touchable - I thought at the time. Next to her, more muscles and tan with our co-Rear of the Year from 2012, Northern Ireland's Lesley-Ann Armstrong.

In case you'd been wondering just how Cindy had finished runner-up in the legs department in 2011, here's the winner that year, Brazilian muscle bomba Mara Dalila. The heat coming off her melted the lens of the camera seconds after this shot was taken, I claimed. The last shot that lens will ever take. What a way to go!

Rebecca Andrews's image of Rene Campbell au naturel caught my attention in 2012 as I bemoaned how little variety there seemed to be in the work of other female muscle photographers, praising it for being both more artistic and more textured (whatever did I mean by "textured"?!) than just about anything else I'd seen that year. But being a bit of an aesthete doesn't stop me falling for the more obvious charms of a "Kiss My Abs" T-shirt. Nor wanting so very very much to hear exactly those words from the divine Asha Hadley, here in one example from my Best Photoset of 2014.

And finally, from 2013, Mmmmmonique's awe-inspiring rivers of blood.

What a way to go!

The links:

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More favourite things tomorrow.

Why not drop by BIG Female Bodybuilders - posting regularly again - in the meantime?

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