Sunday, 27 March 2016

Arnolds 2016 Review: Old & New

Claudia Gabriela de León Pardo

New to me though she won the overall amateur title this time last year, Mexico's Gabriela de León made a bigger impression on this fan than on the judges - she finished outside the top 10. By the way, this meant she was scored as tied 11th with no less than 36 other women and didn't get to perform her routine, which doesn't make the organisers look good at all.

Still, she didn't seem too upset about it, beaming away back and on stage, and making friends with Yeon Woo-ji - also a former overall amateur winner at the Arnold Classic Europe.

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Didn't you use to be...?

Two familiar faces from the Physique International.

Also lurking among the pros were (left) a scarcely credible 53-year-old Valentina Chepiga and former bodybuilding biceps queen Klaudia Larson - who is a mere 44-year-old!

How times have changed!

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