Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A Week of Favourites: Golden Scans

Furtive purchases in the newsagent's. My hand shaking as I pass the money over, desperately avoiding eye contact. The thrill of walking home with the magazine in my bag. Home, up, into my room, the door closed and finally - hands still shaking - the moment when I could gaze in awe at these pictures, these women who seemed to be a new and different species, who seemed to come from a different planet...

Quite a collection I had. And then binned, before starting to build up another serious collection only to bin that in turn. And so it continued until I was well into my 30s and I finally stopped worrying about not being like everybody else. The magazines had gone by then for good, but the internet had helped me understand that among everybody else there were indeed more than a few who were just like like me.

And those amazing pictures with the big big hair and the fluorescent and oh so revealingly-cut swimsuits and gym wear and those amazing, unprecedented, muscle-bound women that I thought I had lost forever were right there on the internet too. I felt the same thrill again, the same thrill I'd felt when, hands shaking, I had first turned the pages of those magazines and first set eyes upon them. And I've been feeling that thrill over and over again ever since, and every time I have (silently or actually) thanked the heroic female muscle heads who have scanned these precious images and ensured them life beyond those magazine pages. And I thank them again right now.

Is it any wonder I got so addicted? I mean, LOOK at these magnificent beauties and their magnificent muscular bodies. I'm not saying they are any better or worse than the (ever-increasing number of) muscular women we see today, but it's a theme we'll be returning to again in the coming weeks and months on FMS - for some reason I'm finding myself thinking a lot about my past female muscle lovin' life - and I am very much hoping other bloggers and readers will join in with that too, but today is not about me so much as those wonderful female muscle scanmeisters. Thank you!

Until tomorrow. Enjoy!

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