Sunday, 13 March 2016

A Week of Favourites: AC Appetizers

Haven't had time to sift through all of the (literally) thousands of images available from last weekend's Arnold Classic and Arnold Amateur yet, and the results of the Amateur contests are still, at the time of writing, sketchy at best. So in lieu of future, let's say "meatier" posts, we present 10 of the women who have caught the FMS eye so far.

Autumn Swansen continued her seemingly inexorable rise to the top of the Physique tree with victory in Columbus. MUST have been a gymnast at one time, wrote an impressed Chris Aceto on the Rx Muscle play-by-play (his capitals). Clearly the man is not an FMS reader. Maybe he should be. He could have swotted up on Autumn before the show with FMS passim and KNOWN she was a gymnast (my capitals). And a fitness competitor too. Hence the moves. Maybe next time, Chris.
If there is one. I mean I could do that - the play-by-play I mean, not the splits.

While Autumn was generally agreed to be a worthy winner, early reports seem to indicate the big loser with the judges but impressing the hell out of everybody else was the beautiful Susan Smith. Despite sizzling even when she was doing nothing but sitting down, she placed outside the top 6. A case of "too much muscle", apparently.

Happier news - for us Brits anyway - came in the Amateur Fitness division where Emma Paveley added to her bronzes at European and World Amateur level with another 3rd place here. Sadly, no pics of the UKBFF champ's Kill Bill inspired routine, although friends in the audience caught the second half of it and it's ended up on her Facebook page. Emma was rightly delighted with the result. And so is FMS.

As I said above, the results of the Amateur classes aren't available as I write so I find myself guessing from the picture galleries. Last woman standing must be the winner! If my method is correct, Brazilian bomba Fernanda Gutilla and Switzerland's Julia Föry both won their classes, with Fernanda's beautiful lines winning the posedown for the overall title (I think). Check out the Chandler-like jawline on Julia though. WOW.

Giorgia Foroni, pro Fitness. MUST have been a gymnast at one time!

[let it lie now - ed.]

And meanwhile, the NPC News Online photographer, Ron Avidan, was boldly going where we'd all like to boldly go - to the Women's Physique pump room. Don't know if Ron made it out alive, but while he was able to, he sent back magnificent images of beauty and muscle such as the above starring Toni West (right) and Ida Sefland.

And to finish our, er, plate of appetisers, two more Physique women from the Arnold Amateur who you will definitely be seeing again on FMS. On the left, Russian FMS crush Liudmila "Oh my" Goshko and her stunning striated chesticles (see FMS passim). On the right, the new-on-FMS face and (highly decorated) body of Justine Albert.

More of them and much more besides from the Arnolds coming soon.

All posts this week inspired by the "all-time favourites" on BIG Female Bodybuilders. Why not check out the inspirational post and the rest of that most excellent blog?


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