Thursday, 3 March 2016

Who Is Lea Pearl?


Granted, the character of Lea Pearl is a professional female bodybuilder and all the women today are very much still in the very much still amateur NABBA federation, but who knows, maybe it's the super dark tans and the super ripped muscles and the super tiny thongs that the producers think will conjure up the world of female muscle best?

Sarah Mura

Britain's NABBA champion is Mrs Jolley now, having recently tied the knot. She may be a bit young for the role, but she cetainly has the looks, and if her 2016 version is as big an improvement on 2015 as Sarah in 2015 was compared to herself in 2014, she will certainly have more than enough muscle to carry off the role of a pro FBB.

Jody Shuttleworth

A real NABBA veteran, and, like a fine wine, improving with every passing year. Unlike that fine wine though the improvement is in the form of refined and downright freaky muscle. Film star beautiful, and mature enough to be believable in the role as well.

Sarah Hallett

If actually being mother and knowing all about the choices a top class female bodybuilder has to make regarding her family is going to be an advantage, then fire-fighter and NABBA muscle mum Sarah will be a strong candidate to play Lea Pearl. And if she did get the role it would be churlish of our "auteur" to miss the opportunity for some great close-ups of Sarah's vascular muscles in a pump room scene.

There has to be a pump room scene, right?!

And if I may just bring one more lady who graces the NABBA ranks in for audition today, then let's make that woman Sarah's very own backstage bestie and one of FMS' 2015 NABBA faves to boot - Northern Ireland's most muscle sexy Linda Cassidy.

Any excuse to post one of her routines!

Auditions continue tomorrow.

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